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First published Tuesday 17 December 2019.

Group feedback

“I find the support provided by the group very good. It was educational but also informal, therefore I was able to express my doubts and learn a few things from the educator as well from the other families. I can clearly say my son has come a long way since seeing you and participating in the group.”

“Thanks to this group I was able to relax and learn in a different environment. As a mum of a newly diagnosed child, I felt understood and reassured. I saw my child happy for the first time when she has to come to the hospital and looking forward to the next appointment. I made new friends and hope to see regularly the families I met here.”

“It was good to come here and play with my friends - they also have type 1 but together we are having a lot of fun!!!” – 8 year-old participant

“It was good for me to come as well and be able to say what I think about my little brother and his diabetes.” - child’s 14-year-old sibling