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First published Tuesday 15 December 2020.

Swimming safety

  • Remember that your pump should not be disconnected for more than two hours at a time — if you disconnect your pump for swimming, return regularly, check blood glucose and bolus as needed.
  • When heading off to the beach for the day, be prepared. Take plenty of water as the heat can dehydrate children quickly. 
  • Make sure you have your hypo kit packed and consider a medic alert bracelet for improved safety.
  • Don’t forget to 'slip, slap, slop' using a high-factor sunscreen.
  • Consider the safety of your equipment on the beach, keep any insulin out of direct sunlight and protect from exposure to temperatures greater than 25C, avoid getting sand in your pump and don’t leave your possessions unattended. Check if your pump is covered by your household insurance against theft or loss.